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Crunch time. 2 weeks left. Time to focus!

Hey!!! This Alabama Launchpad competition round is closing soon! With just about 2 weeks left, you should be thinking less about doing more and more about clarifying and polishing. In fact, you should really be focusing on removing as many distractions as possible. Because, with a field of roughly 50 companies, distractions are a death knell…

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Making an overview video

OK… let’s talk about making an overview video for your business plan. For many folks, this can feel daunting. And yes, making a video can get very complicated… but this one shouldn’t be. If you own a smart phone, you’ve already got the camera you need. And if you can describe your customers, their need, and how…

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It all starts with a customer

If there’s one thing you can do to get started right, it’s to really really really define your customer. Did you get that? I wrote “really” three times… in bold and italics and underlined. I mean it. To really define your customer, you have to get much more in depth than something like my customer is “men.”…

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Imaginative food to inspire at “imerge” event on Aug. 23

Great food from a legendary Birmingham restaurateur and sage words from a legendary New York Times columnist are just part of an exciting evening to honor imaginative and inspiring entrepreneurs at the “imerge’ Innovation celebration by the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama. Yellow Bicycle Catering, owned by beloved Fish Market Restaurant owner George Sarris, will…

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Who’s your Yoda? err.. mentor?

Hey there! So one of the most important things you can do as a budding entrepreneur is get a mentor. In fact, you need one. Just like Luke Skywalker needed Yoda to develop his powers, you need a mentor to develop yours. That’s because starting a successful business without mentorship is about as hard as lifting your…

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