Birmingham Business Alliance Announces Launchpad Workshop

Where: UAB Edge of Chaos (4th Floor of Lister Hill Library, 1700 University Blvd)

More Information

8:15AM                Welcome and intro to Launchpad ReviewRoom (Greg Sheek, Director of Launchpad Programs)

8:45AM                Essentials of a 10 min PowerPoint pitch (Steve Ceulemans, VP Innovation & Technology at BBA)

9:30AM                Essentials of a 3 minute video pitch (Tony Summerville, Fleetio)

10:15AM              Break

10:30AM              The Business Model Canvas (Dr. Joel Dobbs, Executive in Residence at UAB Business School)

11:15AM              Essentials of a 10pg business plan (Dr. Doug Ayers, Professor at UAB Business School)

noon                     Essentials of a Start-up budget using the Launchpad template (Warren Averett)

12:30PM              Adjourn