The Alabama Launchpad Cycle 4 Virtual Pitch Finale from November 19

If you missed the Alabama Launchpad Virtual Pitch Finale on November 19 you can still view the exciting evening with awesome pitch finalists and winners. This was an exciting finale with a range of innovative and competitive pitches. Watch the video now. Just click on the link below, sit back and enjoy!

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Celebrating Alabama’s role in space innovation – imerge 2019

Fifty years ago, Alabama made it possible for mankind to make one of its greatest leaps – landing on the Moon, when innovators in the state built the Saturn V rocket. That historic accomplishment, along with some of the people involved, were celebrated during the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama‘s iMerge 2019 event at Iron…

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Your next job is being started right now

Are you interested in something new? Have you been working for a while in the same role and looking for growth? Well you need to pay attention to the start up scene. Here’s the deal: your next job is most likely going to come from a company that is starting right now. There’s a saying, “if…

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