It is very difficult to start and grow a company, therefore getting one or many trusted mentors is vital. Whether it is advice on market development, sales strategies, operations, business planning or insider industry knowledge, mentors can help you because they have “been there and done that”.

We strongly advise you to find relevant mentors. If you need help finding mentors, we can support you with limited guidance wherever possible.

What should you expect of a Mentor?

  • A mentor should be someone you trust
  • A mentor should be someone who can provide you with constructive feedback
  • A mentor needs to know your industry well
  • A mentor needs to be able to maintain proper confidentiality

As an entrepreneur, finding a mentor is your responsibility. If you need help finding a mentor, however the individuals below may be able to help you. You may also consider reviewing the Judges Alumni Network on LinkedIn

State Coordinator
Dennis Leonard

Auburn Region
Cary Chandler
Director, Business Development
Auburn University, Office of Technology Transfer

Birmingham Region
Victor Brown
Vice President, Small Business Development
Birmingham Business Alliance

Huntsville Region
David Kingsbury
Vice President, Client Relations