Making an overview video

OK… let’s talk about making an overview video for your business plan.

For many folks, this can feel daunting. And yes, making a video can get very complicated… but this one shouldn’t be. If you own a smart phone, you’ve already got the camera you need. And if you can describe your customers, their need, and how your business is solving that need, then you’ve got the content. Can you stand in front of your camera and smile? Great! You’ve got your talent too.

In short, don’t worry too much about the video production but do worry about the content. Your video pitch is REALLY IMPORTANT. Given the volume of applications each Alabama Launchpad competition receives, your video is an important component of evaluating your business.

To that, here are a few things you should do and a few you should not do:


  • Show your customers and their need
  • Show how your solution solves that need
  • Spend most of the time allotted (you have 3 minutes) on meaningful content
  • Direct your video towards potential investors who have never seen your business or idea before


  • Spend a lot of money on production
  • Fill all the time available (if you can make it shorter, make it shorter)
  • Get camera shy… we want to see you and since the Launchpad competition is statewide, this is a good first look
  • Reuse videos that were originally meant for other things (such as an interview for a local news station)

Lastly, here’s a good example of a video from a prior applicant.

Hope this helps. Good luck!