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Alabama Launchpad is a proven program for creating jobs and capital investment through fostering high growth startup companies. Over more than 10 years, Alabama Launchpad has worked statewide to help create, nurture, and develop a pipeline of early stage companies poised for high growth. After a pilot period, we are now seeking to build out a network of regional Alabama Launchpad competitions to create significantly more entrepreneurial activity in Alabama.

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Why work with Alabama Launchpad?

Working together, we believe we can maximize economic development through startup growth in the state. Work with us if you want…


  • To see more high-growth companies in your region. Do you want to foster new, dynamic companies in your region? Alabama Launchpad can help you with advice and a proven program to make this happen.
  • To see more entrepreneurial thinking in your economy. Do you want to see local leaders, young professionals, and entrepreneurs generating valuable ideas to solve problems? Alabama Launchpad provides a platform to create this energy.
  • To get going without wasting a lot of time and energy. Do you worry about getting something started because you have too much to do? Alabama Launchpad is a turnkey, repeatable process. Our goal is to get your regional efforts up and running as quickly as possible.

What you get when you license Alabama Launchpad:

Our goal is to help you get right to work helping new companies start, stay and grow. As an Alabama Launchpad licensee, you get:

  • Confidence – Get up and running in days, not months and avoid mistakes in implementing support for entrepreneurs.
  • Best practices – Get insights, coaching and access to a licensee-only best practice network.
  • Technology – Get a turnkey technology platform to make the process efficient and robust and to track data and key performance indicators of success.
  • Marketing support – Use the Alabama Launchpad brand, get templates for communications, get a webpage hosted on Alabama Launchpad’s website, and get advice on PR (where needed).
  • Support engaging the local community – Get help with all local activities including advice on how to fundraise and recruit judges

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