The Pitch Finale is August 27.

COVID-19 and its multi-faceted effects have given us all ample opportunity to think. Alabama’s entrepreneurs and doers have channeled their positive energy to meet the following business and lifestyle challenges head-on. On August 27, join us for the Reignite Alabama Pitch Finale. Details to follow!

Sector I: Commercial, Retail, Live Events: How do we use innovation to enjoy our lifestyles again?

  • Increase resiliency and profit of food and beverage businesses while maintaining safety
  • Enjoy shopping at small and large retailers
  • Enhanced shopping at grocery stores, supermarkets, and farmer’s markets
  • Improving safety and customer experiences for travel, lodging and accommodations
  • Accessing hair/nail salons and other services with the best use of the space and safety advice
  • Improving the safety of our supply chain so that food and beverage sources are kept moving
  • Diversify the supply chain to assure more continuous operations when parts of the supply chain break (for example, increasing access to local farmers, ranchers, etc. to fulfill food needs)
  • Improve safety for attendance to all live events, including sports, music, worship, conventions
  • OTHER (applicant has option to explain problem they are solving)

Sector II: How do we make our healthcare centers in both rural/urban centers and workforce more resilient and adaptable?

  • Maintaining worry-free emergency, primary, and specialist healthcare environments from a patient perspective
  • Workforce safety on the frontlines of healthcare from all aspects
  • Making improvements in production, purchasing and inventory management of PPE
  • Use of innovation and sector understanding to increase sterilization
  • OTHER (applicant has option to explain problem they are solving)

Sector III: How do we use this opportunity to reinvent education?

  • Finding better ways to access distance learning platforms regardless of educational level or learning style
  • Access to safe childcare environments so that parents can fulfill job expectations, even when schools are closed
  • Offering access to hardware/software for teachers and students creating new learning techniques
  • Creating resources to help teachers, parents, and students educate and learn more effectively and efficiently
  • Increasing classroom participation, engagement and content retention
  • OTHER (applicant has option to explain problem they are solving)

Sector IV: How do we optimize Alabama’s industrial sectors for efficiency – and safety?

  • Maintaining workforce safety without manufacturing interruption
  • Increasing supply chain flexibility and diversity to accommodate sudden increases and decreases in demand
  • New uses of robotics or other forms of automation
  • Flexible workforce engagement in manufacturing
  • OTHER (applicant has option to explain problem they are solving)