Phase 0 Awards

Writing Assistance

How to Apply:

In partnership with BBCetc, Alabama Launchpad offers writing assistance for SBIR/STTR applicants.

What is provided through writing assistance? 

  • SBIR/STTR consultant to review proposals for “success potential” with feedback.
  • One-on-one consultation on how to prepare a competitive proposal.
  • Recommendations on avoiding common mistakes when drafting the proposal.
  • Strategic planning for your proposal with an SBIR/STTR reviewer that has decades of experience in reviewing proposals and helping companies apply

Rules & Eligibility

If you are seeking funding through an SBIR/STTR award, you may be eligible to receive writing assistance through Alabama Launchpad’s SBIR/STTR Assistance Program. To participate, the small business must meet all the criteria specified in Alabama Launchpad’s requirements.


  • Applicant must be applying to an Agency or Phase for which the company has not received SBIR/STTR funding in the last 3 years. The program is open to:
    • New applicants
    • Previously unsuccessful applicants
    • Applicants that have received a Phase I Award and are pursuing Phase II
    • Applicants that have received a Phase I or II Award within the last 3 years but are applying for an award from a different agency
    • Applicant’s company operates in Alabama and has, including its affiliates, no more than 500 employees.
    • Applicant must complete the application process through Alabama Launchpad’s SBIR/STTR Assistance Program. Read below for full information on how to apply.

 *Note that these are the requirements of Alabama Launchpad. Applicants must also abide by Federal SBIR/STTR Program Guidelines, which are available here. By submitting an application, participants agree to Alabama Launchpad’s full terms and conditions and affirm that they are eligible for SBIR/STTR funding according to federal guidelines.

 Application Process and Application Fee

  • Contact Mary Hope Garmon (
  • Complete BBCetc Assessment Form
  • Review by BBCetc
  • Notification of approval and award requirements

All participants applying for writing assistance must pay the $200 application fee. The application fee must be paid at the time of submission. Application fees will be processed through PayPal (all major credit cards are accepted). No refunds will be issued after submission of an application.

What is expected of an applicant chosen for writing assistance?

Upon final acceptance into the Writing Assistance Program, participants have 21 days to begin writing assistance with the consultant. If you have not contacted the consultant and set up an appropriate timeline of work within 21 days of your acceptance, your application will be withdrawn and you will have to resubmit and repay the application fee in order to receive writing assistance. Other responsibilities and expectations include:

Willing communication, prompt follow-up and cooperation, including responding to calls and emails, serious consideration to recommendations (with the understanding the final decision is yours), and full intention to complete and submit proposal. Alabama Launchpad reserves the right to disqualify a participant for inactivity.

If my application for writing assistance is denied, do I get feedback? 

Yes. The reviewer will provide a brief proposal feedback summary even if you are denied admission to the full writing assistance program.

Intellectual Property/Confidentiality 

Confidentiality of an applicant’s proprietary information will be maintained.