Phase 0 Success Stories

Blondin Bioscience, LLC

Blondin Bioscience‘s primary product for cancer immunology is a best-in-class Human TLR9 Antibody, which is currently available for purchase. Under development is their cancer molecular diagnostic assay, FACT, which capitalizes on proprietary intellectual property exclusively by Blondin Bioscience. FACT is a blood test which measures a nucleic acid biomarker released from dying cancer cells. It can be used to assess the efficacy of cancer treatment within a few days as opposed to two months with routine radiology. By collapsing the amount of time required for treatment efficacy assessment, Blondin Bioscience will contribute to reducing the overall cancer burden for patients. Speeding the time to knowledge will reduce the emotional expenditure, financial burden, potential side effects from ineffective drugs, and perhaps most importantly, the time required to find the optimal treatment protocol.

Blondin Bioscience recently won a $749,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Blondin will use the NIH funding to develop and validate a novel biomarker assay for cancer diagnostics.  For readers interested in more about the science, go to

According to Brad Spencer, “the Phase 0 $5,000 cash award from EDPA will allow Blondin to set up good grant accounting structure so that we are compliant with all the federal requirements.  It is important for Blondin to perform not only the research, but to track and report all expenditures appropriately. We want to seek a Phase II NIH SBIR grant in the future, and Alabama Launchpad is helping us prepare.”

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