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We award up to $150,000 to companies that look
like they’re ready to enter the stratosphere.

Sound like anyone you know?

Statewide Startup Competition

Alabama Launchpad started the first pitch competition in the state in 2006. It has grown from those early days of one competition annually into our current four statewide startup competitions per year. Entrepreneurs who are not quite ready to enter in one cycle do not need to wait a year for the next one.

" We have capital liftoff. "


Seed Stage


Concept Stage

Why compete?

For only $150 to enter, your startup can receive coaching and feedback from an experienced network of judges as you move through the process. Talk to our alumni, who will all tell you that while the prize money is great, the feedback and quick connections to business leaders and investors who want to help you is invaluable.


You get a deadline to get the ideas out of your head and onto paper.


You get a critical review of your business including structured feedback.

Capital & Connections

You get the opportunity to receive non-dilutive capital and business connections in the state of Alabama.

The Process

The process is designed to mimic the standard process used by sophisticated capital providers to evaluate investment targets. Each entrant is evaluated based on a set of standard criteria that has been shown to produce better companies. For finalists, teams are also able to pitch their business at a highly publicized event that also gives them exposure to capital providers.

Before you begin.

Lots of us think we have great ideas. But only the best of the best can walk away with an Alabama Launchpad win and a serious financial boost to their business. So do yourself a favor – get familiar with our competition. Look over the process, size up the expectations, fine-tune your proposition (there are many helpful hints right here), then go for it. Only those who enter can win.

2020 Startup Competition Calendar

Cycle 1


Application Opens
Application Deadline
Finale Event
11/15/2019 (F)
12/16/2019 (M)
2/27/2020 (Th)

Cycle 2

Virtual Event


Application Opens
Application Deadline
Finale Event
2/3/2020 (M)
3/2/2020 (M)
6/11/2020 (Th)

Cycle 3

Reignite Alabama
Virtual Event

Application Opens
Application Deadline
Finale Event
6/11/2020 (Th)
7/16/2020 (Th)
8/27/2020 (Th)

Cycle 4

Virtual Event

Application Opens
Application Deadline
Finale Event
8/10/2020 (M)
9/14/2020 (M)
11/19/2020 (Th)

Ready to Win?

If you are thinking about starting an innovative, high-growth business, consider Alabama Launchpad. For detailed information on eligibility, expectations, how to apply, advice to entrants, rules and guidelines, winnings and frequently asked questions, download the Alabama Launchpad Statewide Competition Handbook here.

Interested teams must submit an application and a $150 nonrefundable application fee.

For more information regarding the Startup Competition process, please contact: