Vital Metrix

Vital Metrix has developed a breakthrough technology for cardiac patients, enabling sophisticated, non-invasive, essential cardiac output monitoring to be performed in a non-hospital environment. We believe that a cardiac output measurement that can be performed with no risk to the patient has the potential to both improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. More than 5,000,000 Americans are currently living with congestive heart failure, according to the CDC, and regions of the south-central US have some of the highest incidence rates in the country.

The Alabama Launchpad process provided us with a framework to refine our business plan and with very valuable feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The independent, third-party assessment that was prepared for us validated the size of the market, the demand for what we are doing, and the potential savings to the healthcare system from adopting home monitoring of heart failure patients.

“The funding provided by Alabama Launchpad provided a fantastic forum for us to has enabled us to start the activities needed to obtain FDA approval for the Vital Metrix system in parallel with raising capital. The ability to work these in parallel will shave several months off the overall timeline.”
– Alton Reich, Co-Founder and CEO