Abel Healthcare Enterprises

Abel Healthcare Enterprises is a software solutions company focused on improving efficiency in medicine, especially in the world of cardiology.  Our initial endeavor is to revolutionize the way medical images are exchanged between medical facilities.  Due to the large size of medical images and privacy concerns, most hospitals and clinics have settled for burning the images onto CDs and mailing them when sharing across institutions.  This is inefficient and leads to delayed patient care, poor medical decision making, and repeat of unnecessary medical procedures.  Interestingly, this is a worldwide problem.

Our HIPAA compliant, cloud-based solution located at www.sendmedicalimages.com allows for easy exchange of medical images between physicians and also allows patients to own and control their images.  We are currently operating in the US and Australia and hope to expand to India and Europe over the next year.  We are building an online community of medical professionals and patients who will benefit from our system by writing relevant articles on cardiovascular disease at www.myheart.net/articles to allow patients to take control of their own health.

“Alabama Launchpad was such a critical part of our launch.  Not only was the award of $66,800 important for accelerating our development, but the process ensured that we thoroughly vetted our vision.  I would recommend Alabama Launchpad to anyone who is serious about jumpstarting their business.”
-Philip Johnson, MD, PhD, Founder