ACE Creative Engagement

ACE Creative Engagement is a broadcasting services company for the Internet era. We are helping the modern live video broadcaster build their brand. Apps from ACE will help a solo broadcaster effectively leverage their time when producing shareable content. Our goal is to build the classic television studio in software, and bring the best tools to the latest generation of content creators.

“Alabama Launchpad has been a catalyst for the ACE team and our projects. The outpouring of support and attention to the company has been the single biggest impact of the competition. Mentors and advisers have stepped up to assist with the preparation for each challenge along the path, and with their help in only a few months I feel as if I have gained years of business experience. Having realistic constraints and the chance for a meaningful reward has done more than rally the ACE team. Alabama Launchpad has been instrumental in bringing a community together around our company. Accessing and growing this network is critical to our strategy for success, and I speak for the entire ACE team when I say we are proud to be an Alabama Launchpad company.”
-Nick Hanson, Founder & CEO