Alabama Chai

Alabama Chai, founded by Marshall Malone, CEO and Roger Stephenson, CFO, COO is a beverage company which sells great tasting micro-brewed, organic tea lattes and Chai (tea with milk & spices). These beverages will be sold as an 8 ounce ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage in grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants where mix and steam service is available. In partnership with Working Cows Diary, Alabama Chai will be brewed locally in Alabama with a mission to save the small dairy farmer.

Alabama Chai is all organic.  The milk comes from very happy Alabama grass-fed cows, which are showered twice a day, and are free to frolic in the grass with bulls.  It is pasteurized using a low-temperature method, protecting the healthy bacteria and fats so that it more easily digested.  It is not homogenized and there are no hormones added.  This milk is delish.

Alabama Chai plans to launch in February 2014 at Whole Foods and other grocery stores in Alabama.