Alignment Simple Solutions


Alignment Simple Solutions manufactures QuickTrick Alignment Tools. QuickTrick tools are designed to improve performance and lengthen tire life through early and fast diagnosis of wheel alignment issues on any vehicle. QuickTrick provides the ability to reduce risk and damage through early detection without cumbersome equipment and eliminates the need for a lift when measuring. Alignment Simple Solutions started in 2010 as a home hobby when the first QuickTrick stick was developed for use for Chump Car races to adjust the race car alignment for each track. The corporation was formed in 2012 as a means to share the passion for the automotive aftermarket with others and provide local jobs. Its mission is to provide sustainable employment through the manufacture of quality wheel alignment products.

“Our participation in the Alabama Launchpad process has been instrumental to our structured growth and taught us to fine tune focus for future business gain and growth. The funds we received have been instrumental to our attendance at the world’s largest industry trade show for our business. We were able to take full advantage of the opportunity for visibility and marketing, and we even won a Global Award! EDPA, BBA and Alabama Launchpad are a unique combination of support to all small businesses and startups.”
– Tess Winningham, CEO