ALTEG Systems Inc.


ALTEG brings to market solid state energy solutions that improve efficiency and reliability for military, commercial, and general aviation aircraft. In partnership with Hi-Z technologies, the firm will expand the use of thermoelectrics long used in space exploration and will drive innovations in the automotive industry to today’s modern aircraft. ALTEG’s products are designed to integrate into the exhaust and bleed air systems of aircraft to capture the wasted heat present and convert that into usable electricity to power primary and secondary systems. The subsequent reduction in loading on engine driven generators increases available power and improves fuel efficiency, as much as 2 to 3%.

Unlike conventional generators, ALTEG’s thermoelectric generators have no moving parts and lifespans that can exceed the operating life of the aircraft itself.

“The Alabama Launchpad competition was the catalyst that took an interesting business school idea from a concept to a reality. Beyond the obvious advantages from being awarded a cash prize, we received tremendous additional benefits in the form of mentorship, pitch presentation design, presentation critiques from local business leaders, and an extended network of other like-minded entrepreneurs. Each step and phase of the competition challenged us to improve our business model and taught us how to present it to potential investors. As a result, we’ve had a great deal of success in other business plan competitions and with finding capital investors. Anyone with a business or an idea should take the time to participate; it can only make you better.”
– Basham Johnson, Co-founder