Brewery Buddy

Brewery Buddy is a Tuscaloosa based software startup with a focus on providing logistics support to craft brewers. Brewery Buddy will operate on a cloud subscription model with features and price points to meet the needs of different sized breweries. The company was founded in January 2015, shortly after taking home first place in the inaugural Tuscaloosa Startup Weekend competition.

The Brewery Buddy platform is still in development, but even at this early stage, partnerships have been established with several Alabama breweries. Brewery Buddy plans to move out of private beta and go live in the final quarter of 2015. At that time, they will launch their first two tiers which cater to smaller local breweries. They will continue to develop the remaining tiers while on-boarding new customers. Alabama and other Southeastern breweries are a top priority prior to broader national expansion.

“Alabama Launchpad has been a game changer for our fledgling company. The competition motivated us to critically examine our concept and refine our business plan. In addition to the competition critiques and award, Launchpad has provided valuable connections. As a result, we’ll soon be working with the nationally recognized Auburn Industrial Design program to help refine the look and feel of our software.”
-Josh Sahib, Co-founder