Carbon Nanotube Engineered Surfaces

Carbon Nanotube Engineered Surfaces, LLC (CNTES) is a startup company focused on commercializing new technology related to the production of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). More specifically the technology enables CNTES to integrate MWCNTs directly onto surfaces of engineered materials. Carbon nanotubes are microscopic, tube-shaped structures that exhibit strength 100 times greater than steel at 1/16th the weight, electrical conductivity six times greater than copper, and thermal conductivity equivalent to diamond.

CNTES’s goal is to become the preeminent provider for MWCNT enhanced materials. The company holds an exclusive worldwide license on patent pending technology developed at Auburn University and the University of Alabama. The technology offers a new method of producing carbon nanotubes, which is significantly faster (1/10th of the time) and lower cost than existing methods.

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