e-Electricity LLC

e-Electricity, a start-up company affiliated with the University of Alabama, is developing a new wireless energy harvesting technology, using radio frequency waves to charge mobile electronics.

The technology being developed at e-Electricity, wireless energy harvesting, is an antenna designed to receive radio frequency waves from virtually any source, including cell towers, Wi-Fi networks, other mobile electronics or any other sources of RF waves. These RF waves are then converted into electricity that can either be used immediately or stored within your cell phone’s battery.

The firm has developed an initial prototype that is about the size of a wallet that can power a small LED light. The company is working towards miniaturizing this design and then optimizing it to use in mobile electronics.

The e-Electricity team includes Sloan McCrary, CEO and a UA master of business administration student, UA associate engineering professor Jaber Abu-Qahouq, Whiteny Hough with UA’s Office of Technology Transfer and Will Sanders, UA marketing graduate and CMO of e-Electricity.