In the Sports Zone

In the Sports Zone utilizes education and sports to create licensed products for teams, leagues, and brands.  In the Sports Zone has created children’s activity books for 32 National Football League teams, 30 Major League Baseball teams, and 34 college teams.   These books include 48-pages of activities, puzzles, games, dream team cards, fun facts, trivia, pix puzzles, and more.  All college teams except Oklahoma include a free app that can be downloaded through iTunes.  Retailers include Cracker Barrel, Books-A-Million,, and hundreds of fan shops across the U.S.  In the Sports Zone takes a percentage of the book sales to donate books to children in local hospitals.  Visit to find out more.

“In the Sports Zone was elated to gain $43,500.00 in funding through Alabama Launchpad.  We have used this money to accelerate our business.  It’s hard to believe that we started right here in Alabama with two teams in 2012 and by the end of 2015, we’ll be launching 100 teams.  This funding helped us accelerate growth in major areas in order to secure licensing with very critical leagues and brands.  The coaches and mentors provided through Birmingham Business Alliance and Alabama Launchpad were phenomenal in guiding important business decisions and they continue to provide guidance and support.  I’m grateful for this opportunity.”
– Darla Hall, Owner