Inventure Renewables

Sutterlin Technologies, now Inventure Renewables, placed third in the 2010 competition. Affiliated with the University of Alabama, Sutterlin Technologies developed a slow-release pheromone technology for control of the coddling moth in fruit orchards.

Inventure Renewables provides process technologies for the rapid, low-cost, high yield extraction of mixed sugars and other value-added derivatives from waste biomass and agribusiness residues. Its patented Mixed Super Critical Fluid technology can be used to convert a host of low-value biomass – including cane bagasse, rice straw, corn stover, corn cobs, palm fiber and farm and forest residues – into sugars, high grade pulp, biochemicals and fuel. These materials can be used in used in conventional biofuel oleochemical and fermentation pathways to produce ethanol, or upgraded into a range of chemical intermediates to form fuels, plastics, and other valuable products.