NitroPCR is a mobile cloud based application that allows Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel complete their patient reports on mobile devices. NitroPCR is low cost, easy to use, and helps EMS operators provide better patient care, lower costs, and get paid faster. By running on low cost readily available mobile devices NitroPCR has low start-up costs, and being cloud based means it requires no IT infrastructure to implement and maintain. NitroPCR scales from a volunteer department making 10 EMS call a month, to multi-state operators making thousands of calls per month.

“The Alabama Launchpad Startup Competition was a great way for me to get objective feedback on the business model I chose to use with NitroPCR. Through the process, I gained valuable insights on how to grow my company in Alabama, and I would recommend anyone starting a business in Alabama to apply for the Launchpad startup competition. Even if you don’t win a cash award, the knowledge you gain during the process is invaluable.”
– Nik Martin, Founder, Open Frame LLC