A new benchmark in wellness apps, Nutripilot goes beyond calorie counting and exercise tracking to provide nutritional profiles of foods, simplifying eating at home or on the go. Using compass symbols and colored nutrition icons to show users the best food options for their personal health goals.  “As a nutritionist, I saw how my patients needed a tool to help them navigate the thousands of food choices they face every day. Millions of people are working toward weight loss, millions more have a chronic health issue that can be treated with smarter eating. For all of them, Nurtipilot is like having a dietitian in their pocket,” said Melanie Rubery, MS, RD, CEO and Developer.

In May, Nutripilot became the first Alabama Launchpad Start-Up competition winner not associated with a university. The app became available on iTunes in November.

“You can have a great product, but unless you focus on the business aspects of your product, you cannot take it to market. Alabama Launchpad really allowed me to focus on the business aspect and receive the mentoring that I needed to do just that. Going through Alabama Launchpad helped me to launch the product by putting the business plan together, focusing on market validation and getting more into the business aspect. Alabama Launchpad is like a mini-accelerator. It helps you focus on the business aspects and really prioritize that in a way that it should be.” Melanie Rubery