Paperless PCS


Paperless PCS was founded in Birmingham with the intent of offering electronic signature and document management technology via an online software as a service platform tailored to the healthcare market.

Paperless PCS was built initially to respond to the needs of ambulance and EMS providers servicing non-emergency transport to Medicare patients who experience a 40% rejection rate on Physician’s Certification Statement (PCS) submissions. Paperless PCS envisions a system that automates the PCS completion and submission process. Unlike today’s process, which is primarily composed of the completion of paper forms, Paperless PCS’s technology — when commercialized — eliminates the paper process, reduces the process time, improves form completions and increases reimbursement rates.

Paperless PCS is currently expanding its offerings to include documentation needs of the medical supply industry and various other products and providers within the healthcare vertical.

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– Patrick Campbell, Founder