SimplyProse is an Auburn/Opelika based technology startup that provides writers a network to crowdsource their content. SimplyProse offers connectivity with other writers to collaborate on his or her work and make your composition the best it can be. Additionally, SimplyProse offers a marketplace that provides writers a chance to give their work a professional touch. The SimplyProse marketplace has professional merchants on it including publishers, illustrators, voice actors, literary agents, and the like. By providing writers a medium to get their work from start to finish we have set ourselves apart from anyone else in the literary space. Traditional editing is expensive and finding the right professionals for your work is hard, SimplyProse is here to change that.

The idea for SimplyProse sparked from our co-founder and CEO Jacob Wright’s passion for writing. SimplyProse has come a long way from our initial debut at Auburn’s inaugural Tiger Cage entrepreneurship competition to being the first team from Alabama to be invited to demo at TechCrunch Disrupt in Silicon Valley. As SimplyProse continues moving forward, we plan to help thousands of writers see their ideas come to life.

“Through Alabama Launchpad SimplyProse was able to evaluate what steps were needed to create a viable business.  As we progressed through each stage of the competition we were able to reach out to a variety of mentors in order to best structure our steps moving forward. The process of Launchpad challenged assumptions we made about our business and provided us a chance to prove ourselves. After the final round of Launchpad we were able to walk away with $40,000 towards our business and numerous connections to network from. Without Alabama Launchpad SimplyProse would not be what it is today and we are thankful for the opportunity to participate.”
– Cole Kinchler, COO, SimplyProse