Skills for Success, LLC

Skills For Success, LLC, develops products to teach ALL children basic life skills. Their initial product, Fearless Fire Drills, is a fire safety curriculum that gradually introduces young children to the fire alarm and fire drill procedures, and in the process, identifies individuals with sensory processing issues that may prevent them from participating in the drill.

The revolutionary Fearless Fire Drills curriculum incorporates a fire alarm simulator.  Controlled, short exposures to the alarm help to desensitize children to the sound and handling the simulator gives them a sense of control over it.  At the same time, videos, social stories, and software scenarios modify the children’s behavior until the appropriate response to an alarm is their default response.

Fearless Fire Drills has been proven successful in a scientific research study of over 200 students conducted by Samford University.  The study is published on the FEMA website and won the National Fire Academy Outstanding Research Award.  Since its introduction last year, the Fearless Fire Drills program is in use in schools from Alabama to New York, resulting in legal compliance, liability reduction, and effective use of resources for schools, peace of mind for parents, and – most importantly – mastery of a life saving skill set for children.

“We entered Alabama Launchpad with what we knew was an effective product, reflecting our years of experience and expertise in our field.  However, expertise in your field doesn’t necessarily translate into building a sound business.  The Alabama Launchpad competition framework and mentoring provided by Birmingham Business Alliance yielded an effective and actionable business plan for us.  We are extremely grateful for the award we received and the willingness of so many knowledgeable professionals to invest their time and skill into our start-up.  Alabama Launchpad is an invaluable tool in our state.” 
-Skills for Success, LLC