The primary goal of SpectraCyte, a startup business located in Mobile and founded by a University of South Alabama-affiliated research team, is to provide a next-generation gastrointestinal endoscope that will allow improved sensitivity and specificity for early detection of colorectal cancers. SpectraCyte, co-founded by Dr.Silas Leavesley, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, and Dr. Thomas Rich, associate professor of pharmacology, will also offer an imaging add-on for research microscopes that utilizes the same high-speed hyperspectral imaging technology.

“Funds from Alabama Launchpad will provide valuable support to translate the initial, research-grade prototype that we have built into a commercial-grade hyperspectral imaging platform for endoscopy and microscopy. The limited availability of federal funding for translating research ideas to commercial technologies underscores the need for programs such as Alabama Launchpad, whose foresight enables Alabamians to capitalize on the inventiveness of their universities and make a difference in people’s lives and their standard of living.”
– Dr. Silas Leavesley, CEO