Wires is a Birmingham-based technology startup that provides easy-to-use tools for teams and individuals to communicate clearly about their app ideas. Wires offers a native mobile application for quick app mockups on the go and is working on a desktop application for collaboration of those ideas among teams. By offering both mobile and desktop, Wires is  available to anyone with an idea wherever they are. Apps are expensive and risky, but Wires helps explore app ideas thoroughly before any major time commitments or investments are made.

After working in the app industry for years and seeing how often app ideas get miscommunicated, the team behind Wires knew there had to be a simple solution that didn’t require users to have design or development experience. They designed and built Wires to be accessible and useful for all skill levels because brilliant app ideas come from all kinds of people. Wires is the first step for everyone with an app idea from the entrepreneur to the marketing department to the development shop.

“Alabama Launchpad pushed our team to make strong decisions about Wires and clarify our goals. I believe that we were able to make far more progress on Wires by participating in Launchpad than if we had simply done it ourselves. From the time we started with Launchpad to the final pitch, we made massive improvements in defining our target market, our monetization strategy and our value proposition. Ideas that are kept behind closed doors don’t improve as quickly or as dramatically as when they are shared with community. We’re thankful for the experience of participating in Alabama Launchpad.”
– Emily Hart, Strategist