XpertDox, LLC

Patients need care from doctors who are experts in their disease. Currently, there is no platform for finding doctors for a particular disease. Thus, we built XpertDox to help patients navigate the complex world of healthcare. We have compiled a list of over 4000 diseases, 200 procedures and 1000 medicines. We then created a customized list of all doctors and hospitals from a pool of approximately a million doctors and 4500 hospitals. This was made possible by using a proprietary algorithm built by a physician-scientist in the team and optimized dozens of times over the last 2 years using input from leading doctors in multiple specialties. We aim to be a one-stop support website for every disease providing advice on choosing a specialty, hospital and doctors.

In the future, we envision to become a data analytics company providing personalized care to patients wherein we will help doctors use XpertDox to make diagnosis, identify expert doctors and hospitals for a given diagnosis, find ongoing clinical trials and recommend personalized therapy to patients based on their clinical and genetic profile.