Your next job is being started right now

Are you interested in something new? Have you been working for a while in the same role and looking for growth?

Well you need to pay attention to the start up scene.

Here’s the deal: your next job is most likely going to come from a company that is starting right now.

There’s a saying, “if you want shade today, you have to have planted trees two years ago.” That is absolutely true for shade and it is absolutely true for career progression. If you want to change careers two years from now, you have to start making investments today.

But what if you aren’t able to start a new business?

Maybe you have kids? Maybe you have financial restrictions? Maybe you’re just not that risk loving? I get it. But I’m telling you that actually the risky move is not to pay attention. You may not be interested in starting a business yourself, but to not pay attention means you’re limiting your options. Businesses that take off are hungry for talented folks. If you start tracking with them early, you’re more likely to be on the call list when they need someone talented.


So, what can you do today to stay abreast?

  1. Pay attention: come to the Alabama Launchpad finale event and see what it looks like to innovate
  2. Lean in: reach out to start up companies in the state and see if you have skills that can help them
  3. Join the conversation: Come up with ideas, test them out, talk to entrepreneurs about your ideas

Basically, plants seeds.